Administrative duties are about to be reduced with Check Conversion service. No more endorsing checks, filling out deposit slips and physically depositing the personal and business checks your customers are presenting at the point of sale or via accounts receivables. Simply scan the paper check through the MICR reader, hand it back to the customer and send them on their way. Check readers are compatible with several makes of credit card terminals and PC based software like QuickBooks. Plus, there are additional safety features with this service to reduce the potential of NSF checks. Streamline the payment process even more. Contact us today to sign up for Check Conversion service.
Fast & Easy Application Approval
- Typically Within 48 Hours
Superior Customer Support.

As Low As
Per Check
  • Convert Paper Checks Into Electronic Deposits
  • Saves Administrative Time
  • Next Day Check Funding
  • Reduce NSF Checks
  • High Speed Processing
  • Accounts Receivable Conversion
  • Fast & Easy Approval  - Typically Within 48 Hours
  • Excellent Customer Service & Support 24/7/365
  • Merchant Cash Advance Program

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Integrate with QuickBooks and Other POS Software
Most Businesses Approved!
No Equipment Set-up Fees
Lowest Processing Rates

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