A large percentage of businesses still accept personal and business checks from their customers as a form of payment. Some merchants are forced to spend the time and effort in reporting the bad check writers to their state or local police office, and even going after that bad check writer themselves.  A convenient way to save your time and sanity is by opting for the Check Guarantee Service. Checks are referenced off of a national database of check writing  information warning you of lost or stolen checks and known closed accounts. By utilizing Check Guarantee you will have more time to run your business.

  • Insure That Accepted Checks Are Good Checks
  • Accounts Receivable Conversion
  • Next Day Check Funding
  • Reduce NSF Checks
  • High Speed Processing
  • Fast & Easy Approval  - Typically Within 48 Hours
  • Excellent Customer Service & Support 24/7/365
Fast & Easy Application Approval
- Typically Within 48 Hours
Superior Customer Support.

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As Low As
*Rates are based on MCC rating. Not all merchants will qualify.
Integrate with QuickBooks and Other POS Software
Most Businesses Approved!
No Equipment Set-up Fees
Lowest Processing Rates

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