The ability to process Card Present transactions on your BlackBerry or iPhone is now possible. No more keyed entries and the higher processing rates associated with them. Download the payment application to your phone and begin swiping credit cards with the Apriva Printer. Bluetooth or USB capable. Complete transactions and get signed receipts on the go!

• Home Repair Services
• Seasonal Retail
• Delivery Services
• Fairs, Trade Shows, Food and Ticket Sales
• Street Vendors
• Mobile Automotive Services
• Towing Services
• Taxi, Limo, and Shuttle Services
• Restoration Services

The New MTT 1581 empowers merchants everywhere with the limitless possibilities of a truly mobile POS terminal. This revolutionary offering from WAY Systems has the functionality mobile merchants demand for successful, secure transactions anywhere. The terminal’s stylish, sleek form factor fits easily in the palm of your hand, combining the convenience of a mobile phone with the power to accept payment anywhere, at anytime.

•Works virtually anywhere
•Best mobile coverage available (GPRS)
•Supports all major processors
•Customer support included (24/7 Helpdesk)
•Easy-to-use retail mobile credit and debit application
◦Optionally supports tip (retail), toll, invoice number, cash receipt, AVS, CVV2, Amex CID (as supported by your processor)
•Shipped ready “Out-of-the-Box” with setup and activation completed

Wireless Credit Card Machine Rental Accept Credit Cards with iPhone and Black Berry SMARTPhone Credit Card Processing
Fast & Easy Application Approval
- Typically Within 48 Hours
Superior Customer Support.

Apriva Blackjack Printer - SC30-BT
SMARTPhone Applications
Wireless Terminals
WAY MTT-1531 With I/R Printer
*Prices are pre-tax
WAY MTT-1581 With I/R Printer

$16.00* / Wkor $56.00* / Mo
Most Businesses Approved!
No Equipment Set-up Fees
Lowest Processing Rates

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